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Skinmatters Blog

Natural Acne Remedies: Do They Work?

Insights from Cara Quant
We went to some of my favorite social media outlets and posed the question “What is your natural remedy for a pimple on the face” and received many interesting responses.



contact dermatitis

Rash, Rashes, and The Art of Skin Diagnosis

Insights from Logical Images Staff
A rash on the skin can be a minor nuisance or an indicator of a more serious concern or condition.  Skin rashes can be caused by a host of factors and irritants...



MOHS Surgery

Insights from Logical Images Team
The Mohs Resource center provides procedural information, pictures, expert opions and more for those who are considering Mohs Surgery.  Mohs surgery is typically performed to remove Basal Cell Carcinoma & Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

For Professionals


Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection

Insights from the INFORMED Project
Learn to better recognize and detect skin cancer and melanoma. The INFORMED (INternet curriculum FOR Melanoma Early Detection) program was developed to provide an skin cancer early detection training . . .