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Bedbug Pictures

bedbugsBed bugs: Paperclip shows actual size of bedbug.
bedbugsClose-up showing nymph bedbug. Image courtesy CDC Public Health Image Library
bedbug bites on legsBedbug bites on leg
bedbug bitesBegbug bites often appear in a group of three "Breakfast, lunch, and dinner"
bedbugClose-up of adult bedbug
bedbug bites on letsBedbug bites on dark skin
bedbug bites on backBedbug bites on back
bedbug bites on backBedbug bites on back
bedbug bites on arm - grouping of bedbug bites is commonGrouping of bedbug bites is common

Bed bug bites often look like traditional "bug bites."

Bed bugs bites are often very similar to one another in size and shape. The bites are red, fairly round, and usually raised. They occur most frequently on the trunk, because bed bugs like to feed on the warmer parts of the body, and on exposed areas of the skin like the arms and legs.

Bed bug bites are often grouped near each other, sometimes in a line. Except when there is a heavy infestation, it is unusual to have more than a dozen or so bites or involvement of more than one or two body regions.

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