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The Scabies Rash

ScabiesQ: What is scabies rash?

Scabies is a common condition caused by a tiny mite that is approximately the size of a pinhead. This mite burrows into the outermost layer of the skin and lays eggs. The body’s reaction to the mite causes inflammation and itching. The rash may look like red or scaling spots on locations such as the chest, buttock area, groin area, and hands and feet. The rash of scabies typically does not involve the scalp, except in children. The tell-tale lesion of scabies is called the burrow, which usually requires a magnifying glass to see.

Dr. Lowell Goldsmith and Dr. Jeff Bernhard contributed their expertise on behalf of Logical Images for the above information.

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Scabies is a terrible infection, these mites literally eat you and body has an allergic reaction and you itch all over your body, but whew, at least there are many cures that help. This helped me, very fast, cheap and do-able in home environment, so you will not be contagious to anyone else outside.

There are several alternatives to soap and water cleansing. Cleansers can be in the form of creams, milks, lotions, gels and liquids for women which gives more glow to skin and gives women confident.