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Resources for Dermatology and Visual Conditions

See. Learn. Discern.

Have you ever looked at a visual patient clue - a rash, a lesion, a possible drug reaction - and wondered, What is this? What am I looking at?   Understanding the skin, skin conditions, and rashes can be complex. Skinsight is authored by the same team that has developed VisualDx. Let our experts help to improve your skills and understanding of skin conditions.

From the Specialist: Web Resources

INFORMED: Melanoma and Skin Cancer Education Series : The INFORMED series was developed to provide an early detection training program that is grounded in the realities of primary care delivery, and which includes a deep, image based, interactive format.

INFORMED's goal is to save lives through early detection of skin cancer.

Dermatology Educational Series – Rash 101: Clinical and educational insights on rash, developed by our specialists for general practitioners.
  • Learn the proper process for conducting a thorough skin exam.
  • Improve your understanding of morphology, distribution, and terminology.
  • Go through interactive lessons and quizzes.

Cocaine Levamisole Toxicity : Cocaine contaminated with levamisole has been detected in the United States since 2003, and the incidence of toxicity caused by this contamination has been increasing rapidly since 2008. Use of cocaine that has been adulterated with levamisole can lead to a constellation of symptoms including agranulocytosis, neutropenia, and a vasculitis-like purpuric tender skin eruption.


From the SpecialistVisualDx LearnDerm


 Visual Decision Support

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Treat patients faster, and avoid unnecessary referrals, tests, and patient costs.

  • Access thousands of medical images that can help diagnose hundreds of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, or infections.
  • Get key clinical information and insight from physicians on what to look for, best tests, and therapies.
  • Problem-oriented design targets content for rashes and growths or lesions, drug reactions, STDs, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, pediatrics, elder care, and more.

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  • First of a series of printed companions to the VisualDx online decision support system
  • Learn the fundamentals of common and serious pediatric skin diseases
  • More than 500 full-color illustrations show variations of pediatric skin disorders in infants and children of all skin colors
  • Organized by symptoms and visual clues

Educational Tools

Free dermatology education resources: Fine-tune your dermatology terminology and test your visual diagnostic skills with this free online tutorial. Five lessons include material in every area of the dermatology fundamentals as well as self-paced tests.

Coming Soon: LearnDerm Lecture for Educators

  • Five lessons covering every area of the dermatology fundamentals
  • Breakdown each lesson into separate lectures
  • Quiz and answer functionality