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Clinical Tools

Clinical Decision Support: 



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Treat patients faster, and avoid unnecessary referrals, test, and patient costs:

  • Access thousands of medical images that can help diagnose hundreds of visually identifiable diseases, drug reactions, or infections.
  • Get key clinical information and insight from physicians on what to look for, best tests, and therapies.
  • Problem-oriented design targets content for rashes and growths or lesions, drug reactions, STDs, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, pediatrics, elder care, and more.

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Educational Tools:

Free dermatology education resources: Fine-tune your dermatology terminology and test your visual diagnostic skills with this free online tutorial. Five lessons include material in every area of the dermatology fundamentals as well as self-paced tests.

Coming Soon: LearnDerm Lecture for Educators

  • Five lessons covering every area of the dermatology fundamentals
  • Breakdown each lesson into separate lectures
  • Quiz and answer functionality