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Dermatology Education Resources

Welcome to dermatology education at, developed by Logical Images. 

Here at Skinsight we are committed to furthering dermatology education around the world. Skinsight is powered by VisualDx – a clinical system from Logical Images that is designed to improve diagnostic accuracy and patient education, thus improving the quality of medical care.

In addition to VisualDx and Skinsight, Logical Images has also developed several tools for residents and students of dermatology who are interested in learning more about the study of skin at any point during their careers.

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection

The INFORMED (INternet curriculum FOR Melanoma Early Detection) program was developed to provide an early detection training program that is web-based for widespread use, grounded in the realities of primary care delivery, and which includes a deep image database and web-based format. When combined, these elements create a leap in interactivity compared to prior efforts in melanoma education, both to engage the learner and to improve the quality of training achieved upon completion. Further, this training incorporates dermoscopy (epiluminescence microscopy) which today is rarely used in primary care despite its proven ability to improve accuracy of the clinical examination.

Rash Fundamentals

Most people use the word rash to mean an eruption of skin lesions that covers areas of skin. In contrast, a single small lesion, like a pimple, mole, tumor, or growth, is not usually called a rash.

The art and science of figuring out the cause of a rash involve determining its time course and features and specifically describing the type, shape, arrangement, distribution, size, color, and other features of the skin lesions using standard medical vocabulary.
The experts at Logical Images have put together an online self-paced course to introduce the key dermatologic concepts.


We first launched an interactive online morphology tutorial in 2003, enhanced it in 2008 as LearnDerm and now we are expanding it to be a comprehensive, self-paced tutorial for students. 

LearnDerm includes complete training in the essential descriptive terminology of dermatology and a lesson on variations in dermatologic diagnosis.