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Differential Diagnosis of an Unusual Rash | Part 4

If you can accurately describe a rash and have taken a basic patient history, you are very close to a diagnosis. While the “common lists” can serve as a foundational dermatology curriculum for medical student education and help with common disease diagnosis, arriving at a diagnosis when a patient presents with an unusual rash and a complex medical history can be challenging.

Case Study

Consider a 28-year-old patient who has recently returned from work with the Peace Corps in Haiti and is presenting with widespread, blanching macules and a prominent fever.

If you are medical student or resident at an institution with access to VisualDx, click here to log in or use a 15-day free trial to build your differential diagnosis within the Fever and Rash module, now that you are an expert in the language of dermatology.

For Patients:
To understand the differential diagnostic process by using an age and body location diagnostic approach, try the Skin Condition Finder.