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Rash on Legs: Common Causes of Leg Rashes

Bug bite pictureBug Bites: Insect bites may be numerous; when so many are seen on the lower legs, consider fleas as the culprit.
Hives pictureHives (Urticaria): Hives often form rings and ring-like shapes that quickly appear and disappear.
Statis Dermatitis pictureStatis Dermatitis: This area of redness, swelling, scaling, and itching just above the ankle is due to venous stasis.
Nummular Dermatitis pictureNummular Dermatitis: Round circles are typical of nummular dermatitis.
Psoriasis picturePsoriasis: This image displays thick, white, scaly skin with redness underneath, typical of psoriasis.
Eczema pictureEczema: This image displays atopic dermatitis (eczema) in the body folds of the back of the legs
Dry skin pictureDry Skin (Xerosis): A dry, scaly rash can sometimes develop due to itching from xerosis (dry skin).
Folliculitis pictureFolliculitis: Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles.
Leg Rashes
There are several rashes that occur commonly on the legs because of their proximity to the ground, (making them prone to bug bites and contact with allergens), and the pooling of blood due to the dependent position in the body. Here is a list of some common rashes seen on the lower extremities.
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