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Here you will find many of the conditions that can affect the stomach in adults. As a large area of skin, the stomach is subject to a multitude of skin conditions. Some of these skin conditions are more common to this area than others. For example, stretch marks (striae) are often seen on the stomach, which are usually the result of a sudden change in the tension of the skin, such as sudden weight loss or weight gain, growth spurts in teens, and the use of certain medications. Hot tub rash (Pseudomonas folliculitis) is a skin infection from bathing in water contaminated by certain bacteria that typically involves the stomach. Shingles (zoster) will also cause a very painful rash over one side of the stomach. Click the links below for information about these and other conditions.
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Allergic Contact Dermatitis This image displays a violet-colored, linear, slightly elevated lesion typical of contact dermatitis, due to…
Bug Bite or Sting In severe bug assaults, numerous itchy red bumps appear at the same time. Note the tendency for the bumps to be…
Drug Eruption, Unclassified This image displays a widespread measles-like eruption, typical in allergic reactions to medications.
Folliculitis This image displays numerous hair follicles that have been infected with bacteria, causing folliculitis.
Hot Tub Rash (Pseudomonas Folliculitis) This image displays the red areas typical of pseudomonas folliculitis (hot tub folliculitis).
Irritant Contact Dermatitis This image displays a patient with irritant dermatitis caused by application of “mustard” plaster.
Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation In people with darker skin, an acute rash can be followed by chronic pigment that is slow to resolve, as seen here.
Psoriasis Psoriasis typically has bright red or pink circular, scaling patches, which may be seen anywhere on the body.
Scabies This image displays skin lesions typical of scabies.
Seborrheic Keratosis The dark to light brown raised, rough areas of seborrheic keratoses may be numerous in the elderly.
Stretch Marks (Striae) This image displays striae (stretch marks).
Viral Exanthem Viral exanthems can have a mix of small raised and flat lesions.
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