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Get Skin Care Widgets & Tools For Your Site

Widgets (or gadgets) are small tools that you can add to your blog, Facebook page, or other web site. Each tool performs one or two functions and helps to keep visitors returning to your site by providing special and unique features.

Why should you add a widget to your web site?

  • Widgets are fast – access right from your web site, no need to open another window.
  • Widgets are cheap – add any or all of our widgets to your site for free.
  • Widgets are easy – all you need to do is copy our code to your site.
  • Widgets are cool.

Skin Condition Finder

Search for visual diseases by body location. Simply select a body location and sex, and see a list of matching diseases on the skin or body.

Trusted Search

Powered by Google's custom search technology and the expert knowledge of Skinsight, this tool returns health care sites and information from trusted sources. Enter a search term and see results you can trust.

ABCs of Melanoma Identification

Learn the ABCs of melanoma identification. Included are definitions, animations, and self-care tips on each of the key identifiers of melanoma.

Skin Cancer Self-Exam

Learn about the key steps that make up the monthly skin cancer self-exam.

Recognizing Skin Cancer

Learn about the different types of skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin conditions. Check your knowledge about recognizing these conditions with our interactive quiz.
Skin Condition Finder

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