FDA Approves New Lice Treatment

It's the Tuesday after Labor Day and today marks the first day of school for millions of students around the US.  Therefore today also marks the beginning of those pesky school-time ills that plague our children.  Head lice is among the worst parasites kids can encounter. 

Head lice are hard to kill and more persistent than wildfire.  Typically forcing parents to wash everything their child owns or has possibly come in contact with. 

A new prescription hair rinse, Natroba Topical Suspension, was approved by the FDA in January and went on sale in August. Clinical studies showed it could rid a patient of lice after just one treatment, and without the hassle of combing out lice eggs.

Lice ingest Natroba’s main insecticide, spinosad, and begin to shake, until they exhaust themselves — to death.

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Published on 09/06/2011 | Last updated on 10/18/2018