Q&A: Where should I go for laser procedures?

Q: Where should I go to have laser procedures performed?

A: Patients who want to look younger have a confusing array of options, including where to go for cosmetic procedures. I talk about this topic at greater length here, but, essentially, this is what I recommend evaluating prior to undergoing a cosmetic laser procedure.

Research the education and experience of the physician.
Dermatologists and plastic surgeons receive cosmetic training during their accredited residency programs, with some even pursuing additional training. If you cannot easily find the physician’s credentials, be careful!

Determine who will perform the treatment.
Ideally, the physician you consult with should perform the treatment, but a physician often delegates a cosmetic procedure to an assistant. In this case, the assistant should have extensive training and experience and have an expert physician physically present in the office and immediately available.

Be aware of common settings for problems.
For example, if one machine is used to treat everything regardless of skin type or condition, it should be a red flag.

Think twice if it feels like you are given a sales pitch.
Look for an honest appraisal of appropriate and effective treatment and a simple plan of action.

To get the best result, do a little legwork. Be prepared to ask the right questions, evaluate the procedure offered, and walk away if something doesn’t seem right.

Published on 12/21/2009 | Last updated on 10/18/2018