September's Here. Back to School and Skin Health 101

It’s hard to believe how quickly the summer has come and gone. It seems no sooner than we were gearing up once again to inform and educate about the sun and skin, it is time to shift gears and begin getting ready for school.

This month the Skinsight team will be focusing on “back to school” topics both for teens and young adults as well as for younger children. Additionally we’ll be taking some time to talk about how you can help your skin recover from summer.

Dr. Lisa Ginn will be blogging about common skin care product ingredients and regimens such as emollients and exfoliants.

We will check in with Dr. Bernhard and Dr. Goldsmith about some common skin conditions to be aware of as children return to school.

Our team of experts continues to grow. In addition to long time team members Lisa Ginn, Ramsey Marcus, Adam Rotunda, Catherine Chung and Elaine Gilmore, a new expert, Sherrif Ibrahim, will be joining the group.

As the team grows, we’re able to continue to expand the number of stories and articles we can bring you. We’ll be starting a few new series in the coming months including:

  • “Mom versus . . . “ – a monthly dive into a specific skin issue moms often encounter.
  • New skincare product spotlight – a recap of new product releases
  • The monthly review – an in-depth review of a product or procedure of interest

And, as always, if you have a question or topic you would like us to explore, please contact us.

Happy September!

Rory Burrill
Director, Consumer Health

Published on 09/08/2010 | Last updated on 10/18/2018