Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is a very important month for me. 


In addition to mother’s day and the true start of spring in upstate New York, May is skin cancer awareness month.


Working with a Web site and company dedicated to providing information and tools to help clinicians, patients, and consumers better understand visually presenting conditions, and in many cases dermatologic issues, I feel skin cancer is one of the most important topics we deal with each year.


There are several different types of skin cancer, some types more threatening than others.  What touches me the most, however, is how curable skin cancer can be if detected early and the simple steps everyone can take to prevent skin cancer.


This month we will take time to look at many aspects and topics related to skin cancer.

  • Dr. Lisa Ginn discusses skin cancer in African Americans – a real threat that is too often overlooked.
  • We’ll take a look back at Dr. Adam Rotunda’s discussions regarding Mohs surgery.
  • Third Year Medical school student Kira Blair Mayo explores different types of sunscreen and sunblock and will share insights on the training that medical students receive regarding skin cancer.
  • Dr. Catherine Chung will be responding to questions about skin cancer from our Web site visitors.
  • Additionally, all month long we will be presenting information and images from Skinsight about the main types of skin cancer.
  • And we have some inspiring and emotional stories from people, including myself, who have dealt directly with skin cancer, including melanoma.


I hope everyone takes a few minutes this month to learn about skin cancer and a few minutes each month going forward to take a good look at their skin for any new or changing moles.  A few simple steps can ultimately save your life.

Rory Burrill
Director, Consumer Health

Published on 05/03/2010 | Last updated on 10/18/2018