Skin Rash, Herpes, and MRSA: Top 10 Skin Topics Viewed for 2009

Learning new things is always good, especially when it involves one’s health. Your skin is a very visible indicator of your well-being, and many have come to our site to explore our picture database of different kinds of skin conditions. Here is the list for top 10 skin topics viewed on this year¹.

The most-viewed skin condition on Skinsight this year was "Skin Rashes." A rash is simply an outbreak of many red bumps or patches on the body. Rashes can change the appearance of skin color and texture. By looking at the body location of the rash, as well as its presentation and the timing of the rash, it is possible to determine what may have caused the rash. Widespread rashes may indicate a drug reaction, hives, or viral infection. Rashes that occur in limited locations may indicate that some type of irritant caused the rash to appear.

Here are the rankings for this year’s top 10 viewed pages on¹

  1. Skin Rashes
  2. Herpes (HSV)
  3. MRSA
  4. Milia
  5. Itchy Scalp
  6. Folliculitis
  7. Contact Dermatitis
  8. Skin Cancer and Moles
  9. Anogenital Skin Conditions
  10. Itchy Hands and Feet

¹According to Google Analytics dating from the launch of Skinsight to December 1, 2009

Published on 12/10/2009 | Last updated on 10/18/2018