Tanning Beds: “How to Get Ready for the Sun”

tanning bedBefore you head out to that sandy beach you may hit the gym or go on a diet to get your body bathing-suit ready. You may even consider going to a tanning salon to get a “base tan” before hitting the beach – this is NOT a good idea according to dermatologists!

Dr. Adam Rotunda, from our panel of experts, discuses this in his article The Dangers of Tanning: Skin Cancer in Younger People,” in which he states, “A common misconception is that artificial tanning is risk free. But exposure to the ultraviolet light of a tanning bed presents the same risks as exposure to the sun. In fact, exposure to artificial tanning rays increases the long-term risks of wrinkling and eventual skin cancer because the most common rays used (UVA) penetrate deeply into the skin.”

Dr. Rotunda suggests that you use a bronzer or spray tans to get that sun-kissed look before you hit the beach.

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Published on 03/10/2010 | Last updated on 10/18/2018