Part 4 | Differential Diagnosis of an Unusual Rash

If you can accurately describe a rash and have taken a basic patient history, you are very close to a diagnosis. While the “common lists” can serve as a foundational dermatology curriculum for medical student education and help with common disease diagnosis, arriving at a diagnosis when a patient presents with an unusual rash and a complex medical history can be challenging.

Case Study

Consider a 28-year-old patient who has recently returned from work with the Peace Corps in Haiti and is presenting with widespread, blanching macules and a prominent fever.

If you are medical student or resident at an institution with access to VisualDx, click here to log in or use a 15-day free trial to build your differential diagnosis within the Fever and Rash module, now that you are an expert in the language of dermatology.


(See below for the findings entry search sequence for the example above.)
For Patients:
To understand the differential diagnostic process by using an age and body location diagnostic approach, try the Rash Skin Condition Finder.